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This Is a website built around the on going situation with my son Seth.

In April of 2010 Seth was rushed to North Side Hospital. After describing his symptoms he was rushed for an emergency CAT scan. The scan revealed a mass in the back left section of his brain. He was then emergency air lifted to Scottish Rite Children s Hospital. It was there that he underwent Brain surgery to remove the tumor. The Operation was a success but after sending a piece of the Tumor off for testing our worst fears became a reality.

It was a malignant rare Tumor called a PNET Tumor (primitive neuroectodermal tumor). PNET's are not as rare as one would think but Seth type is extremely rare. It was told to us the his type had only been reported in 26 people world wide since 2000. Out of those 26 only 1 was reported still living. More info on the tumor will be posted as we get it.

Now Seth has had 2 brain surgery's due to the tumor growing back. He is now undergoing aggressive chemo therapy. Pictures and info will be posted every step of the way.

With all that is going on with Seth on top of that I have been furloughed from my job due to lack of work available. With no income, and the finacial demand to support Seth we are at a loss. This is to help us get things manageable and comfortable for Seth. A large part of the donation's and money raised from the poem book will be donated to Scottish Rite to aid in research and development of such horrible types of illness.

Please understand that this is by no means a way for us to get money to blow but to shed light on this rare disease. 

The book is Titled "Moods Of Time" and is a compilation of my wife and I's poems along with 10 poems from poets who entered a contest to donate their work for this cause. We are members of the website Writers Which highlights and gives writers of all genres a place to share and receive helpful criticism to become great artist. 

We hope to be able to make a significant donation but we can't do it without your help.

Thank You All

Daniel and Angela Gardner

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