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Moods Of Time is a poem book largely consisting of poems by Daniel M. Gardner and Angel M. Gardner. Ten of the poems in this collection were donated via members. They participated in a poem contest on the website to donate their work. Those individuals are:

Marie Harrison

Kristen E. Haynes

Marie Anzalone




Poppy Silver

Tomás Ó Cárthaigh

Jason Ellis


These wonderful talented individuals offered their work to aid in this cause.  The work in this book offers a glimpse into many different life styles, fantasy, and artistic worlds. This a something to cherish and know that through hard work we can all look back and know we did this for a note worthy cause. We hope to get lots of buys for the book to make this event one of the largest out there. Thank You all!

The book is around 100 pages. Offering a small bio of each poet who wished to have one, telling what inspired them and what other ventures they have going for them at the moment. All 10 are from different areas around the globe but we all managed to come together for this cause. To get a copy of the book you must follow the instructions below.


To Purchase a copy of the book:

1) This way optimizes the amount being donated. Send an email to With the subject Order Request. Make sure to include: Number of books requested address to be shipped to.  Shipping in bulk to one address is cheaper then sending to different address. Shipping cost are as follows: $4.50 Economy shipping 10-15 business days., Standard Shipping $7.00 5-10 business days, and $18.00 Priority shipping 2-5 business days. (shipping prices are for U.S and are for one copy. Shipping price may vary depending on number of copies and area being shipped. An email with the total price including shipping will be sent with a paypal payment request. Once paid a invoice will be sent to you.

2) You can purchase the book here.

Please Keep in mind that purchasing this way donates a lot less then doing it in the first option.

3) Purchasing on is coming soon. 

4) Other options will be available soon.

To Donate Please click on  Contact and Donation information at the top of this page.

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