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April 12th 2010- Seth was Dignosed with PNET Brain Tumor after passing out, being in trumindus pain, and delirus. 

April 13th 2010- Seth under went a Gross Total resection to remove brain tumor. Operation was a sucess.

April 24th 2010- Seth started light chemo therapy

June 2nd 2010- Seth under went a second Gross Total resection to remove the brain tumor a second time 3/4's the size of the original.

June 18th 2010- Seth started his first high dose chemotherapy treatment.

July 2nd 2010- Seth lost his hair.

July 6th 2010- Seth diagnosed with high pich hearing loss has a side effect of the chemotherapy.

July 8th 2010- Seth started his second aggressive chemotherapy treatment.

July 19th 2010- Seth caught an infection in the surgery site that caused massive swelling. He was admitted to Scottish Rite Hospital.

July 20th-28th 2010- Seth remained in the hospital to fight the infection. Surgery was performed to clean out the infection. He then underwent 3rd                         chemo session   

August 16th- We are made aware that Seth will not be undergoing his Extensive Aggressive Chemo Treatments. Which would include stem cell harvest.

August  23rd- Seth will continue his regualar High level chemo for his 4th session. Also an MRI is to be preformed to decide what is the new direction.

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